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lei™ Tray Instructions

Instructions:   We did our part, now you do yours! For more information on lei™, please visit:  Roberts Technology Group, Inc. – the sole provider of lei™

How LEI™ Is Made

What is the raw material used to make the lei™ Tray? The lei™ Tray is made from pure sugarcane fibers.  Sugarcane is a tree-free, renewable resource. How do you get sugarcane fiber? Freshly harvested sugarcane is juiced, leaving behind a residual material called pulp.  This byproduct of the sugarcane industry, traditionally regarded as waste and thrown away, is now being recognized as the most environmentally friendly material currently used in the foodservice industry.  How are the lei™ Trays made? The

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LEI™ – Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic trays that are commonly used for meal packaging.  The lei – Limiting Environmental Impact™ Tray is a 100% fiber-based tray, lined with a removable high barrier film layer, reducing the environmental impact the prepared meal industry has on our planet.   Designed with the prepared meals industry in mind, these single use trays are offered in a No. 3 format, a standard size in the prepared meal industry and

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